Connecting to SFTP

Using FTP, you can easily access and alter your server files quickly. You can use an FTP client such as Filezilla or WinSCP to fulfil this action. Filezilla and WinSCP are programs that allow you to edit your server files as if the files were on your PC.

Step 1. Installing an FTP program:

Firstly, you need an FTP program to connect with. We recommend Filezilla or WinSCP as they have the best features.
WinSCP Download (Windows only):
Filezilla Download (Windows, Mac):
When downloading make sure you install the Client version, not the server version.

Step 2. Obtaining your FTP details:

Before you can start using your FTP client, it needs to know where to find your server files. To get your server's FTP details simply follow these steps:
Log-in to your panel account.
Go to the 'Servers' tab and select the server you wish to access.
On the left-hand side select 'Configuration' then 'SFTP Settings':

Step 3. Setting up FTP with WinSCP:

If you use Filezilla you can go straight to Step 4.

When you open WinSCP a dialogue box will open asking you to enter your login details. Select 'New Site' on the left-hand side.
Set the 'File Protocol' to 'FTP' and the 'Encryption' to 'TLS/SSL Explicit encryption'.
In the 'Host Name' box enter the 'FTP Address' from Multicraft.
Keep the port set to 2022!
Enter the Username found on the SFTP Settings page.
In the 'Password' box enter your panel password.
Here's an image to show where each panel value corresponds to:

From here, select 'Save' and enter a name for your server.
Select 'Login' and roam your server files.

Step 4. Setting up FTP with Filezilla:

If you use WinSCP please go back to Step 3.

Open Filezilla. On the top, you should see a 'Quick Connect' bar.
In the 'Host' box enter the 'FTP Address' from the panel and set the 'Port' to 2022.
Set the 'Username' to the 'FTP Username' from the Panel.
Enter your panel password into the 'Password' box.
Here's an image to show where each panel  value corresponds to:

Select 'Quickconnect' and roam your server files.

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